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wayV is...
1. Experiment with human computer interaction, especially gesture based computing.

2. Initially some software that does hand writing/gesture recognition. Shapes represent actions and are input via the mouse, i.e. draw a B and the "b" key press is sent to your Xterm, draw a C and xcalc starts, draw an N and Netscape starts, etc.

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    wayV 0.3 is now released. The primary changes are Nick Rusnov's fixes and his patch that enables wayV to use more than just the first 5 pointer buttons for launching gesture capture.

    WARNING: Make sure you don't overwrite your existing wayv.conf when you install this version, back up your wayv.conf first!!! Yes, you can use your existing wayv.conf with version 0.3.

    Oh, wow, its just over 3 years since I officially released wayV 0.1 - I suppose averaging one release a year ain't too bad :)

    Debian packages of wayV are available from here, binaries are available for all the architectures that Debian supports. A big thanks to Nick for taking care of them. (14/Aug/2003)

    Here are some screen shots of the latest stable version of wayV.

    Recent Project & Code Updates
    - updated AUTHORS (MB)
    - updated UPGRADING to inform users of any changes when moving from version 0.2 to version 0.3 (MB)
    - updated BUGS, NEWS, README (removed "It'd be appreciated"), TODO, VERSION, doc/overview.txt, doc/roadmap.txt, doc/wayv.1, doc/wayv.conf.*
    - fixed doc/HOWTO-wayv-config to reflect ability to use more than just 5 mouse/pointer launch buttons
    - the debian directory is now left as part of the standard distribution
    - updated code with new date and email block
    - generalized fix to allow any mouse button to be used in the form of Mn in the configuration file (NR)
    - fixed header in wayv.conf.5 to remove lintian warning (NR)
    - removed boilerplate thingy from copyright (NR)
    - fixed manpage section for wayv.conf(5) and the reference in wayv.1 (NR)
    - fixed multiline literal and #endif compiler warnings in various headers (NR)
    - fixed a couple of inclusion compiler warnings (NR)

    Latest Stable Release: wayv-0.3.tar.gz

    Development Code: Github | wayv-0.3.tar.gz

    Design & Documentation
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  • Contact
    If you have any links that I might be interested in or any suggestions please email me (Mike Bennett)

    wayV is hosted on StressBunny.com