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Last Update: 14/03/2003

Version 0.3
- Launch can now use any mouse/pointer button (thanks to Nick Rusnov)
- Man page fixes (thanks again)
- code compilation fixes (and again :)
- adoption of a new development model

Version 0.2
- carried out significant work on display so it now supports:
 * no input window
 * a popup full display input window
 * an input window whose size is completely set-able
 * option to control whether input windows are managed by the window manager
- user feedback added that tells the end user what action was matched
- option to control how long the user feedback appears on the center
  of the screen
- keymaps files, via new Include structure in wayv.conf, used to control 
  what keycodes to send
- second gesture matching method that uses the direction the gesture was
  made in (Pda & Vector) (thanks to Simon Hart)
- vector key added to Gesture for direction matching
- 2 new processes for Action:
 * sendkey (send keypress')
 * kill (kill the last application that was started by wayV)
- experimentally extension of exec so starting and placing an X application
  is a single occurrence (WAYV_MOUSE_START and WAYV_MOUSE_END)
- bug fix so straight lines are recognizable (thanks to Simon Hart)
- bug fix so command lines in exec are working properly

Version 0.1
- first public version
- initial documentation
- basic configure build script
- wayv.conf readable with matrixes storing gesture information
- 3 processes in Action: exec (start app), warp (move the mouse) and
  delay (wait X seconds between processes)
- gesture activation via pointer buttons and modifier keys
- display:
 * no input window 
 * popup full screen input window
- width of gesture path line set-able

wayV is hosted on StressBunny.com