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Last Update: 14/08/2003

Todo for 0.4
- add screen annotate mode

Todo for 0.5
- move configuration file to XML format
- write program to transform old conf to upcoming XML format

Todo for 0.X
- write GUI for wayV, maybe using wxWindows or Java (?)
- support personalities
- lower memory footprint
- use orbits
- implement proper event handling model
- get rid of floats
- update setup.* use MAXSUBS (or it'd be better to get rid of them)
- remove global
- rewrite the parser to work correctly
- port to Windows

Ongoing and in the future
- support -geometry X & Y parsing (KLUDGE - testing to see if useful)
- give user feedback of match action (ONGOING)
- sending keypress' (BEGUN)
- write configuration front end
- watch configuration file for changes and do auto-reload
- update/rewrite parser to ignore fields, escape properly, etc
- write up documents (ONGOING)
- support radius and linear pda gesture matching
- point to point line interpolation for shapes drawn very 
- allow setting of border colour
- implement loadable module architecture for gesture matching
  and receiving input
- fix bugs (always and for ever after)
- continue coding up vectors (Simon?)
- optionally wayv backgrounds on startup
- personalities (different action groups, e.g. send small a
  or big A because of a gesture A)
- new action to control switching between personalities
- free unneeded memory in setup to reduce memory footprint 
  for mobile devices
- touch as a form of activation/activation button
- input window can contain user feedback
- application dependent personalities (scope)
- have gestures generate actions specific to applications
- set-able border picture and background
- display application dependent gestures on screen when gesture
  input activated
- implement xscribble gesture recognizer 
- redesign configuration file to support different forms of gesture
  records (Orbits with time)
- support for different languages (localize)
- description in action feedback
- fade out feedback as eye candy
- control feedback position, colours, font size and style
- double click activation, delay time activation
- change drawable prompt
- gestures made of multiple lines, doesn't have to be one drawn
- configuration file stored as binary file with compression to
  reduce memory requirements
- create upgrade script to support upgrading existing configurations 
  to new types
- if program already running bring it to the foreground
- have other gesture input devices (webcam, etc)
- gesture/action creation wizard
- create input string block tokenizer
- write a better event handler management system
- let external programs be callable before gesture input activated
  and after it finished, i.e. turn on or off sounds, LEDs, etc
- input mode without GUI, suitable for text mode
- line melting, do subtraction on gesture, delete in on bounded boxes
  that have 1 pixel cross over - result in close match
- optional always on top input windows
- input window divided into different regions with each region 
  associated with a different personality
- activate wayV by sending a message via a pipe, or equivalent, which
  means pop-up is separated and can be more system specific
- popup input window can cover only certain areas of the screen
- direction matching optional to each gesture
- implement L based gesture matching to experiment 
- develop evolutionary gesture matching as an experiment
- composite keypress building (not sure)

wayV is hosted on StressBunny.com