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wayV is a Free Software (Open Source) project written by Mike Bennett and contributors. Its primary aims are:

1. Experiment with human computer interaction, especially gesture based computing.

2. Initially some software that does hand writing/gesture recognition. Shapes represent actions and are input via the mouse, i.e. draw a B and the "b" key press is sent to your Xterm, draw a C and xcalc starts, draw an N and Netscape starts, etc.

Hopefully it'll inspire people to think about how they use computers and consider all the various possibilites for redefining how we interact with and use technology. I believe there are many useful, interesting and inspiring ideas in this area which should be developed - then again maybe I'm just deluded ;)

Click here for a more long winded overview :)

Yep, wayV does pre-date the introduction of gestures in Opera, Black & White, Mozilla and co. In moments of weakness I like to delude myself into thinking it influenced the wider adoption of gestures in software but there were plenty of uses of interface gestures prior to wayV, ref. "A Brief History of Human Computer Interaction Technology.", by Brad A.Myers.

If you really have nothing better to do you can view my personal website or read my Human Computer Interaction blog User Designer.

wayV is hosted on StressBunny.com