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27th February 2007
This blog is no longer updated but I've recently started a new blog called User Designer.

5th September 2003
Processing is a context for exploring the emerging conceptual space enabled by electronic media. Visit the exhibition and see what beautiful pieces it can be used to build.

Zombie Infection Simulation - run away!

3rd September 2003
What is The Shape of Song?

usetext is a tool for creating online zoomable texts.

1st September 2003
Personas as an Information Design and Information Architecture tool.

Very definitely worth reading "Information Design: An Introduction".

28th August 2003
This looks like it could be an interesting read: "Prediction of Simulator Sickness in a Virtual Environment".

Free hand sketching to create 3D models: "Teddy: A Sketching Interface for 3D Freeform Design".

26th August 2003
I've just setup a Distributed Library Project for Ireland, which is a free access point to a community of people who wish to share books and videos. Go sign and partake!

15th August 2003
"The Mathematical Universe: An Alphabetical Journey Through the Great Proofs, Problems, and Personalities" is a fascinating read.

Do the Nonlinear Magnification thang!

14th August 2003
Digital photos before and after, excellent!

12th August 2003
Flash Mobs have arrived in Ireland.

11th August 2003
A good Slashdot interview "The Future of Science Revealed!"

8th August 2003
Have a look at this interesting 3D hyperbolic space/focus+context visualization called H3. Yes, you should have a glance at the videos if you've got bandwidth to burn :)

Zoom zoom!

The Bean Scripting Framework, originally an IBM research project and now Free Software with the Apache Software Foundation, is a seriously impressive piece of work, but documentation is very thin on the ground...but finally I've found some in IBM's BSF 2.2 bin release - woohooo!

23rd July 2003
Pills and Remedies for all occasions!

9th July 2003
Can you hear me? Can I hear you? What are you saying? Here's an old review paper on the "cocktail party effect" (yep, follow the link to find out what it is).

Go and play with PhotoMesa - an excellent way of browsing, via a Zoomable User Interface, an archive of photos.

8th July 2003
You should have a read of "Making Sense of Maps".

4th July 2003
Here's a few more useful HCI links: CHI2004, HCI Index, guuui.com

Kinda sad and strange, and I wonder how true: "Death in the snow"

3rd July 2003
Prague is a beautiful city, which you should visit (note: drinking a shot of tequila bought from a street stall at 1am is not a good idea!)

Skateboard Science is an interesting site about skateboarding. Hmm, I wonder how a skateboard could be wired? And how could it be useful? I've a few ideas on it bouncing around my head...

Woohoo, the number of sentences entered in Symbolify since it started a few months ago has passed the 10,000 mark!

26th June 2003
A sight for sore eyes! Where physical privacy and protection clash.

17th June 2003
The Third Base, or why counting by threes makes sense.

I seem to be on a pretty pictures (scroll down for good links) buzz at the moment!

The "Handbook of Human-Computer Interaction" is a stimulating and excellent read, or more to the point its great for picking up and diving into specific papers.

16th June 2003
Mirror mirrror on the wall....

13th June 2003
Here's a photo weblog I've recently gotten into the habit of checking out.

Oh yeah, vote for Jerry Springer for the U.S. Senate!?

5th June 2003
exploratorium the museum of science, art and human perception

30th May 2003
The traffic to Symbolify has suddenly spiked...hmm...I wonder why? Its gotten approx 200k hits this last few days.

Update: Ok, mystery solved - it was mentioned on MetaFilter via Bifurcated Rivets, thanks.

Go play on BumpList - An Email Community for the Determined.

2nd May 2003

31st March 2003
A Zoomable UI Flash demo...XmasZoom

27th March 2003
It looks like scientific evidence is emerging proving that the Gulf war syndrome is real, and not merely a form of post-traumatic stress disorder.

18th March 2003
Sensory Hypersensitivity and Hyposensitivity in Autism...interesting...

6th March 2003
Oh my! This is a beautiful website for an architectural agency (yep, you need flash).

Ooops I just realised I was setting the weblog date to Feb rather than March! Its retroactively fixed now.

5th March 2003
Go play - some of the pictures lead to interesting projects...

4th March 2003
Would you donate a book to a random stranger via BookCrossing?

Over the next few days I'll list a few handy Human-Computer Interaction links, for now I'll start with: HCI Bibliography and CHI recently completed theses.

18th Feb 2003
Anyone want to create a dance for the longest and slowest piece of music in history?

Which side are you on? Do you owe your allegiance to the arts or the sciences? Does the question of the "Two Cultures" even make sense?

5th Feb 2003
Symbolify is my latest project....type in a sentence and see how it tries to translate that into pictographic form with (loosely) the same meaning.

31st Jan 2003
The Irish Anti-War Movement website has details about the Feb 15th International Day of Action, which is a planned day of anti-war protests around the globe, including European and American cities. (More sites: International Protests and International A.N.S.W.E.R.)

29th Jan 2003
A room that drives you mad....hmm, interesting, a sensory overload room?

28th Jan 2003
"You and Your Research" is a transcript of an excellent talk given by Dr. Richard W. Hamming in 1986 (yep, Hamming and error correction). He examined the question "Why do so few scientists make significant contributions and so many are forgotten in the long run?".

27th Jan 2003
I want my desktop to support Zooming User Interfaces right now!

23rd Jan 2003
My, my two days in a row with updates, it must be someone's birthday!

Check out CultureLab-Uk for some inspiring links, including something I was wondering about recently.

22nd Jan 2003
Oh the joys of programming Win32...

I cannot recommend Herman Hesse's "The Glass Bead Game" strongly enough. It will reach into you and stir you up. It is one of the rarest kinds of books: one which can be re-read many times over over a lifetime.

17th Jan 2003
Throw out your dictionary. Throw out your thesaurus. Embrace the joys of WordNet!

Learn a little bit about part-of-speech (POS) tagging, which is used in computational linguistics.

runme.org is a "software art repository"...

8th Jan 2003
Ok, hands up who has invented a Visual Programming Language (PostScript)?

Riddle away your day!

6th Jan 2003
Happy New Year to one and all! I'll be actively updating brainjuice again, as I've just started post graduate research in Media Lab Europe/University College Dublin as part of the Adaptive Speech Interfaces group.

Can you imagine wearing a nametag for two years as an experiment in person to person interaction?

Brainf**k is a Turing complete programming language with only 8 instructions.

2nd July 2002
Blissymbols are an interesting example of an iconic symbol system that can be used to communicate. It consists of over 2000 graphic symbols, and can be handy for those who have a communication impairment.

23rd June 2002
WebTracer is a handy piece of software for visualising the structure of the web. It can visualise a website of your choice.

Electrorheological fluids change state based on the application of an electric field, i.e. the viscosity can be controlled.

20th June 2002
Some pictures of and details about magnetic fluids are available at the Appearence of Magnetism 3 and Protude, Flow.

Of course you'll also want to learn about and see some impressive photos dealing with Snow Crystals.

17th June 2002
TouchGraph GoogleBrowser V1.00 is an interesting way of visualising search results and concept relationships via Google's search engine.

9th June 2002
Read about inks that change colour.

Alternatively you could work your way through this great list of links related to biopotential technologies, e.g. BCIs, EEG, etc.

8th June 2002
Aww well, so much for regular updates - I don't have permanently on net access at the moment.

Have a look at SodaContructor and this (NetBird) 2d way of visualising connectivity between internet points.

5th April 2002
...and so ends a very busy week.

Crossings - an eJournal of Art and Technology have published issue 2.1. I'll have to print out some of the papers and have a read, some of them sound quite interesting.

CreativityAndCognition.org - hmm, interesting, I like the design.

As soon as I finish reading the excellent Introducing Neuropsychology (rush out and buy it, its a fascinating read) I think I'll work my way through the online guide to Classics in the History of Psychology.

2nd April 2002
betaCOOKIES is a new media art piece. I'm not sure what to make of it?

On the 9th of April the National Concert Hall is having a world premiere of Toy Symphony (I'm going, I'm going, I'm going, woohooo!). I've wanted to see and hear Hyperinstruments in action for a long time.

1st April 2002
Here's an interesting site focused on Nanotech news.

29th March 2002
I came across EurekAlert today, it looks like a great site for reading science press releases.

28th March 2002
This is an interesting way of visualising crowds at a website.

XCruise another way of viewing a filesystem in 3D. The method it uses for showing symlinks is well thought out.

ToonTalk is a visual programming language for children.

BTW I'm not updating brainjuice everyday, my plan is around 2 to 3 updates a week, and yes you can send me suggestions.

26th March 2002
Here's an interesting research paper titled "Spots 101, or How Do Users Read Menus?"

Would you use a head tracker instead of a mouse?

Ain't this a pretty way to visualise filesystems in 3D?

25th March 2002
Semiotics for Beginners is a free online book about semiotics (the study of signs).

This Visual Thesaurus, from Plumb Design, has been one of my favourite visualisation techniques for years. Visit it, use the word "mean", make sure its in 3D mode, set it spinning slightly, and then click on "Auto-Navigate".

wayV is getting a massive amount of traffic at the moment, it was mentioned on LinuxFR.org and GCU-Squad.

22nd March 2002
Neural Signals Inc. have a device called a Neurotrophic Electrode (patent) that communicates directly with neurons when it is implanted in the brain. The first one was tested on a human in 1996. Since then its been implanted in others, who after training have limited control of computers via thought.

Nooface is a good HCI weblog.

Rhizome is an online community space for people who are interested in new media art.

The Irish Museum of Modern Art has an online exhibition of net.art / new media art. Be aware it is uncurated.

Its all in the stars I tell ya!

21st March 2002
Today I'm bringing you a veritable feast of links and worthwhile events.

Eurographics Ireland 2002 Workshop is on on the 25th and 26th of March, unfortunately I'm too busy.

D.A.T.A. (Dublin Art and Technology Association) Event 2.0 is being held in the Stags Head Pub, Dame Lane, Dublin, Ireland at 7pm on the 10th of April.

Citeseer is a great free search engine for finding research papers.

Speaking, or more to the point writing, of which if you have any interest in HCI have a read of the paper A Brief History of Human Computer Interaction Technology by Brad A. Myers.

This virtual keyboard has been getting a lot of press. A question I heard raised elsewhere: If a person uses a virtual keyboard on a hard surface will they damage their finger joints over time?

20th March 2002
The Harrow Technology Report from The Harrow Group is worth reading. Its written by Jeff Harrow, the same individual who wrote the excellent, but now defunct, The Rapidly Changing Face of Computing.

I'd be lost without Dictionary.com.

19th March 2002
Isn't it a sad reflection on first world countries that only "foreign" nations can be condemed for human rights abuses?

Maverick, from the Advanced Interfaces Group (AIG) in Manchester University, is a powerful infrastructure for building virtual reality systems. I played around with it last night and it doesn't seem hard to code. I think I'll try creating a few data visualisation tools with it in mid-April. An added bonus is its Free Software.

I'm after putting back the brainjuice tag line "creativity through knowledge" - its a little pretentious isn't it?

18th March 2002
Peep is a network auralizer for monitoring networks with sound. Here is a paper about it that was recipient of best paper at LISA 2000. Yes, you should try and run it - it sounds good.

Artport is the Whitney Museum portal to net art.

wayV, a Free Software project of mine, seems to be getting a lot more traffic than usual. I wonder where it was mentioned?

I'm not going to bother trying to dig out the old brainjuice design, the current one is simple and clean, it works.

15th March 2002
brainjuice is back for a while...depending on how much time I have I might dig up the old design. Either way here's hoping there won't be any more server problems.

A good introduction to Adaptive Interfaces is here, which ties into this conference dealing with Intelligent User Interfaces.

The Secret Lives of Numbers has an extremely interesting java applet that displays the relative popularity of every integer between 0 and one million. Benford's Law and Looking Out for No. 1 outline some theory on number frequency.

Slashdot mentions an NLP project (Newsblaster) from a Columbia University NLP Group that automatically creates summaries of leading news articles from multiple websites.

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